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Bed Elevator



Bed Elavators are commonly found in hospitals, code-blue service allows an elevator to be summoned to any floor for use in an emergency situation. Each floor will have a code-blue recall key switch, and when activated, the elevator system will immediately select the elevator car that can respond the fastest, regardless of direction of travel and passenger load.

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JSC “Mogilevliftmach” produces hospital elevators with load capacity of 500, 630, 1000, 1275 kg for the installation in the medical-prophylactic institutions. These elevators are allowed to transport patients by trolleys. The hospital elevators are manufactured with either through or non-through cabin.
These elevators with load capacity of 630, 1000, 1275 kg are equipped with the automatic doors and has regime “Transport of fire divisions”. The hospital elevators with load capacity of 500 kg (LB-0505) are manufactured with manual opening doors and wing-opening doors of elevator shaft.
OPTION: U-CR069,U-CR070,U-CR071,U-CR025,U-CR026,U-CR027


       Main Specification:

  • Capacity : 630kg-1600kg
  • Speed : 1.0m/s-2.5m/s
  • Machine : UNT09
  • Controller : U-Con
  • Door operator : VVVF door operator
  • Car operation panel : U-CF100,U-CF200
  • Door protection : Infrared curtain
  • Cabin : U-CR064,U-CR067